Battery Jumpstarts

Car Battery Jump Service in Atlanta

We offer Battery jumpstarts

Car Battery Jump Service in Atlanta
 Need a jumpstart? You do not need to worry  anymore. We are here to help you out!

 If the battery of your car is dead, you would definitely want a jump  start to get your vehicle back on road. It easy to get back your  vehicle on the road if you have the basic knowledge about jump  starting. We are here to help you out in this process.

About the vehicle jump starting process:

The first is you need jump starting cables. And it is important to find another functioning car to use for the jump start. Then the hood of the both cars should be able to find and batteries of the cars should be in a close distance. The distance is important, and a normally a jumper car cable is 10-20 feet in length. Always remember when the cable is short it is more suitable to start the battery. When they are thicker and the when the gauge is low the cable is strong. The standard gauge size is six.

Next step is to connect the cable. You should attach the red or the positive clam to the positive battery terminal of the dead battery and the other side the functioning vehicle’s positive battery terminal. Next connect the negative clam to the working batteries negative terminal. But do not connect the negative cable clam to the dead battery. Instead, connect that clamp to metal which is unpainted, part of the car which has a shiny, clean nut on the engine block. This will help ensure a safe jump.

You will not be able to go through this hassle on your own. That’s why you should give us a call!

We are pleased to offer you a prompt service. You do not have to worry on the cables, finding another car and most importantly you do not have to waste your time.

Unless you have the technical knowledge, do not try it on your own. You need to get the assistance of a professional service provider, or else you would end up with having more trouble.

You will only be able to find a temporary solution on your own. But if you can contact us, we can offer a permanent solution! Our services include checks and recommending battery changes and other technical advices.

When you are stranded in the middle of the road, just pick your phone and contact us. We will come to your survival within few minutes!


I was very impressed with how fast the drivers helped me with my flat tire late at night even with all the complications due to the blown tire. They were kind and very helpful and Chris worked with me and got my car done quick. Thanks just really seems like it’s not enough.
We have used Auto Towing for years to tow unauthorized vehicles out of our apartment community. They are always professional. They understand our needs and strict requirements, which help tremendously when dealing with difficult situations. I would recommend them to others.